‘Night Whisper’ is the next in our new series of monthly Podcasts, and each month it will be a sublime mix of deep, dreamy, melodic, atmospheric, chilled house music with shades of breakbeat and downtempo carefully woven into each mix.

Stay tuned each month for the best deep, dreamy, chilled house vibes mixed by Lenz on our ‘Night Whisper’ Podcast.

‘Night Whisper’ – January 2023


01: LEGATO (UK) – More Than You Thought (Braxton Remix) (Nightcolours)
02: Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio Feat. Kiki Cave – Always (Framewerk Remix) (Music To Die For)
03: D*Note – The Garden of Earthly Delight (Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Revisit) (All Day I Dream)
04: Return To Saturn – Loud Bells (The Purr)
05: Paul Losev – Vecher U Kostra (Where The Shadow Ends)
06: Nhar – Deltavox (Crossfrontier Audio)
07: Stereo Mind – Try To Understand (Emotional Content)
08: Mazee – 32nd Page Of My Book (Magic Stories Records)
09: Hiyūs – Suraja (Amulanga)
10: Around Us – Absolute (Manual Music)
11: Sante & Re.You Feat. Biishop – Do You Write (Roy Rosenfeld Mix)
12: Julian Marazuela & Molac – Tajuya (Amulanga)
13: ID


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