NIGHT WHISPER Podcast #051 Mixed by Lenz

Release Date: 17th December 2023

‘Night Whisper’ is the our weekly podcast show, and each week it will feature a sublime mix of deep, dreamy, melodic, organic, atmospheric, chilled house music with shades of breakbeat and downtempo carefully woven into each mix.

Stay tuned each week for the best deep, dreamy, organic, chilled house vibes mixed by Lenz on our ‘Night Whisper’ Podcast.


01: Seva K – Falling (Audiotonic Records)
02: Melaniya & Nastya Mamita – Sinee Nebo (Ranta Mix) (Journey Of The Soul)
03: Flowers On Monday – Lonely Sunday (Songuara)
04: Arina Mur – Spin The Dawn (Songuara)
05: Elliot Moriarty – Night Time Feelings (Where The Shadow Ends)
06: Elliot Moriarty – No Matter The Outcome (For Senses Records)
07: Wassu – The Way Back (Quantum Feels)
08: Lisandro (AR) – Awake (Amulanga Records)
09: Notamous – Oasis (RVNTH)
10: Lorenzo Dada – Lost In This Moment (Wolf + Lamb Records)
11: Elliot Moriarty – By My Side (Songuara)
12: 1921 – In My Veins (Somelee Mix)


Here is a link to our Spotify ‘Night Whisper’ Playlist, which features the beautiful tracks that appear in these weekly mixes.…759922b388ed42dc

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